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Shamanic Healing

A Shaman performing a ceremony in Peru.

Shamanic and Energy Healing:  I have been doing energy healing for over 25 years.  Throughout that time, through deep meditation and utilizing principles from quantum mechanics, quantum physics and viewing the universe holographically all with a medical background, it has transformed into how I work today.  It is not recognized as any specific technique or style.  It is very personal and unique to my own spiritual energy.

The benefit to my patients is that emotional, physical and spiritual issues can be addressed quite easily and quickly.  Instantaneous results and changes are the norm and expected. All of my healing involves working at the energetic, mental, emotional and physical levels. I see most physical issues as having an energetic, mental and emotional source.  So even if someone sees me for physical issues, I address the true source at the energetic, mental and emotional levels.  What I do that is so unique when working with the emotional side of things is that a person’s emotional traumas or negative events can be neutralized (negative emotions eliminated) without the person having to drudge up any of the negative deep seated emotions or memories.  This is why this works so well for people suffering from various levels of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.

What to expect with the initial treatment:

Prior to the first treatment, I like to have people create two lists for me (recommended, but not required).  The first list is list of physical concerns or ailments, internal or external. The second list involves mental/emotional concerns. On this list are the stressors.  So anything that stresses you out, rubs you the wrong way, makes you feel down and out and/or depressed, anxious.  All of these things can be listed as “bullet points”.  In addition on this list are people in your life that are issues or tend to set you off. Lastly for this list are any childhood, adolescent and/or adult events that were traumatic or stressful, even if you think they have been resloved. Creating the lists is the hardest part of the whole process for the patient.

On the initial visit, you would come in with your lists.  Or like mentioned earlier, we can spend a few minutes upon arrival and create them together.  We will chat for a moment, review the lists, answer any remaining questions and then begin treatment.  The treatment itself is very relaxing and enjoyable for almost everyone.  All treatments are performed from a distance.  I usually have the patient either sitting comfortable in a large chair or lying down on a table covered up with a blanket.  I will be situated in a separate chair from where I work. The only thing the patient has to do during the treatment process is close their eyes and just let their mind go where ever it wants.  (some people are nervous from not knowing what to expect, so sometimes they will just lie or sit with their eyes open, or even read. Either way the healing will still be effective).

Dr. Stephen Banko, Shaman, Energy Healer, and Chirorpactor, standing with another Shaman on the mountain side in Peru.

When I tune in to you energetically, it is going to put you close to a sleep state.  So you may toggle in and out of sleep, which is normal.  If you don’t fall asleep, then it is very common for people to see colors, visions, spirits, animals, faces, geometric shapes, bright lights, tingling sensations anywhere on the body.  Some people loose sensation of their body or cant move there body.  Some people leave there body. Some of this may seem pretty strange, but I promise you it is completely safe.  It is important to note that you the patient are in total control during the whole healing process.  It will be like an awake sleep state.  So if you don’t want something to happen, it won’t.  This is unlike hypnosis where you have no control.  I actually welcome questions during the treatment if you have any.

A Shaman overlooking mountains during a ceremony.

What to expect after treatment:

Once the treatment is finished, I will have you sit up if you were lying down and we will review the original lists that you prepared. The goal is to have an immediate shift with the emotional and physical issues listed.  It is very rare that I can’t create a positive change with the emotional issues/concerns.  You the patient should be at a very comfortable neutral point with the stressors/emotions.  In other words, there should be no negative emotions left. 

Memories will still be there, but all of the negative charge associated with them should be gone.  For most, clearing the emotional “stuff” can be taken care of in the initial treatment and is pretty permanent. (The only time it is not is if there are deeper layers hidden in the body, or subconscious sabotages surface.  These are also fixable).  The physical issues should also have an immediate positive shift.  Sometimes physical issues can be layered like an onion, so other layers may surface after the body processes the initial treatment.  People will continue to process the initial treatment for the next two weeks.  It is very common right after the initial treatment for patients to get a really strong tired spell.  This is completely normal.  It’s nothing more than the body continuing to process all of the energetic shifts I just put them through.  I recommend that after the first treatment, not to have any major plans other than  to rest.

A small percentage of people have more energy than they know what to do with, but usually people tend to want to sleep or rest.  After the first treatment, it is a “wait and see”.  How people generally fall is that roughly half of the people I treat can be completed in one treatment.  Of the other half, half of them may need one to four more abbreviated treatments (the first treatment is the most extensive).  The remaining quarter that are left tend to be more chronic.  This is usually due to the unhealthy environment that they remain in.

Distance is limitless:

The majority of people I work on come to my office.  I am also able to treat people from a distance.  I have patients all over the world that I work on from my office: Europe, South America, India, Hawaii, United States, etc.  Distance is no concern.  The treatments work just as well as in person.  We start with a phone conversation.  We then hang up and therapy begins.  When finished with treatment, I or they call back to review results and answer questions.

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